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More CBD-Infused Accessories You Shouldn’t Live Without

October 12, 2020

Cupid’s Closet

Visit Cupid’s Closet For CBD to Inspire Bedroom Luxury

We covered some of our favorite goodies in the CBD department of Cupid’s Closet, though we have many more CBD products that deserve our love and attention. Currently, we’re addicted to High On Love Chocolate Body Paint. If you’re in need of some bedroom inspiration, this body paint is a must. As you lick it off of your partner, the luxurious, highest grade hemp seed oil will calm and relax your body. Take turns stroking and devouring this chocolate paint with your partner as you both unwind into a sexier, more relaxed state of mind. High On Love Chocolate Body Paint is made with 100% natural ingredients and inspired by the chocolatiers of Belgium. No more anxiety about what you’re putting into your body so you can get back to an evening starting with deliciously sexy foreplay. 

Cupid’s Closet

Introducing The O-Gel From High On Love

There are levels of stimulation that only hemp seed can provide. Once discovering the powerful, more intense orgasms from this incredible herb extract, you won’t ever want to go without it. High On Love Stimulating O Gel is smooth, silky, and will absolutely revolutionize your solo play. Applying a few drops directly to your clitoris will leave you with a tingly, buzzing feeling just a few minutes later. It’s 100% natural and safe to use for oral sex as well. Watching you experience the best orgasms from this O gel will turn your partner on, leading to more intimate time together. 

Treat Yourself to a Sexy Spa Night at Home 

Now that Fall is here with crisp and cool temperatures, it’s time to heat things up at home with High On Love Sensual Bath Oil. This is quite possibly the highest level of self-care one can achieve and by far the sexiest. Share a romantic, sensual evening in the bath with your partner or give yourself some alone time to unwind. Just like each High On Love product, the Sensual Bath Oil is made with carefully selected ingredients. The Vitamin E oil will nourish your body while the hemp seed oil calms your mind and body, leaving you feeling refreshed yet relaxed. It also has a lovely aroma to create a holistic, nurturing environment in your bathtub. 

Follow Up With A Sensual Massage

After your bath, give your partner or treat yourself to a stress-releasing massage with an Earthly Body Hemp Seed Massage Candle and High on Love Sensual Massage Oil. This oil warms up as you apply a small amount to your palms and rub it together. Once you apply it to warm muscles, you’ll instantly begin to feel relaxed. Remember to breathe deeply and let the CBD do its magic. 

High On Love Sensual Massage Oil is also great for foreplay. Let Cupid’s Closet put you and your partner in the mood this evening beginning with a sensual bath and massages featuring High On Love products.