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Online Sex Shop Encourages You to Explore All Sorts of Oral Pleasures

October 15, 2020

online sex shop

Here at Cupid’s Closet, our main goal is for you to enjoy and explore yourself and your partner in every way that seems interesting and exciting to you. We know that there are always new ways in which you can take your sexual experiences to the next level, but today we want o focus on the possibilities of oral delights. Oral sex is the aspect that is most neglected by toys and accessories, which is why our online sex shop is here to correct that. Allow us to introduce you to some of the most enticing oral sex accents that will bring all sorts of deliciously flavorful pleasures into your sex life.

online sex shop

Oral Pleasures Glide

Taste is as active a participant in sex as sight and touch are. After all, there is a reason for different foods to be considered great complements to the bedroom. You are already doing so much with your mouth and your tongue during sex that you might as well indulge in making the experience all the more sensations. The Intimate Earth collection of oral pleasures has a variety of different glides that you can use to your licking and liking. Each one of their seven flavors will evoke a unique taste. These include salted caramel, chocolate mint, banana cream pie, naughty nectarines, wild cherries, cheeky apples, and fresh strawberries. Whichever you end up choosing, know that you will want to traverse your tongue down every inch this glide touches.

Throat Coating Cream

Coming in cotton candy, cinnamon bun, watermelon, and salted caramel flavors, the Lic-o-Licious throat coating oral delight is a wonder to behold. This sweet edible cream, available on our online sex shop, will keep your tongue and throat completely coated upon applying it, immediately playing into your sense of taste and carrying it through everything you choose to do with your mouth, tongue, and so on. However, as enticing as that sounds already, that’s far from where the pleasure stops. This won’t only enhance oral sex for you once you apply it to your mouth, but your partner will definitely feel it. The sensual oily consistency stays on inside the mouth longer than most oral gels, which allows you to enjoy it more thoroughly and more deeply than ever before.

Online Sex Shop

If you hadn’t heard about these edible glides and creams before, we don’t blame you. A lot of so-called adult stores will often limit themselves to what’s most typically expected of them and that’s it. The bare minimum. Meanwhile, at our online sex shop, we don’t just settle for providing you with a few generic toys and the occasional accessory. You surely want a selection that will encourage you to try new things and discover pleasures you never even imagined, enriching your sex life in unprecedented ways. That is what we proudly offer here at Cupid’s Closet. Go ahead and browse our online catalog. We promise that you will find something so enticing you won’t be able to resist trying something new.