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Partner Play

Are you looking for adult toys for couples? Naughty, naughty!

We know that solo pleasure parties can be tons of fun but sometimes, adding another person to the mix will up the ooohhhhs and the ahhhhs. Make sex a team sport when you get the right equipment to make everyone a winner! So explore couple’s sex toy kits, date night sets, and massage essentials at our online sex store and spice things up around the bedroom.

Shop Together

Our selection of men’s adult toys are meant to be used any way you see fit. Whether you’re alone or with your partner(s), there are inventive ways for everyone to have a little more fun in the bedroom…and the shower, and maybe even the kitchen table.

If you’re searching for other items to elevate these masturbation toys for men, you may want to consider exploring our selection of prostate toys, penis rings, and anal lubricants and stimulants. Also, don’t forget about our toy cleaners – the most essential part of a healthy sex life!

Find a Community Here

Cupid’s Closet is all about opening up the sex talk to de-stigmatize it. Whatever you’re searching for – whether it be adult toys for couples or bondage accessories – our team can help you find and explore your options. With salespeople comprised solely of certified sex educators, we can ensure you discover the tools that make you moan and teach you how to use and care for them safely.

Visit us in person at one of our sex stores in Los Angeles, or do all your shopping online with the help of one of our customer service representatives. Whatever your preference, we’re here to help you find a little more pleasure in life – on your own or with a special partner(s).

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