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Browse Through the Best Adult Toys for Men to Enjoy Alone and with a Partner

October 08, 2020

best adult toys

Are you just now discovering the enticing world of sex toys? A lot of men tend to be uneasy or indifferent until they realize the potential that sex toys have in store for them. If you’re looking for something that helps you further explore yourself but aren’t sure where to start, here are some of the best adult toys for men that we have here at Cupid’s Closet.

best adult toys


Penis Strokers

Let’s start off with the obvious ones. Penis strokers are a great way to enhance your sexual time alone, for these provide an added layer of pleasure despite the fact that you’re by yourself. Strokers (or fleshlights) are relatively simple, essentially comprising a tube with a mouth especially designed to enhance pleasure when used. Some will have their inside surfaces implement different textures and stimulators to make the experience all the more pleasurable. Strokers come in all sorts of different designs and with different functions, each designed to evoke unique sensations in the user. Here at Cupid’s Closet, we have all sorts of strokers for you to explore and find the one for you.


Unlike strokers, which you yourself have to move in a manner similar to regular masturbation, masturbators, like the name imply, do some of that for you. These also come in many different models and designs. Some are rings, while others are tubes. Regardless of the specifics of the design, masturbators are some of the best adult toys out there for men. These will move and vibrate in ways that will elevate your solo sessions and make you feel everything and more. Of course, these don’t have to be exclusively for you to use alone. Oh no, these can just as easily enrich your time together with your partner. The only limit is the one you set.

Prostate Toys

If you are just now starting to explore your prostate, you might want to start with some of the simpler stuff. After all, you don’t want to jump-start the process and push it too far too quickly. You might get turned off too quickly and miss out on the possibilities. That’s why we offer a Tantus Bend Over beginner kit with everything you need to start playing with yourself. This includes an adjustable harness, a small and a medium dildo, and a bullet vibrator that fits into a pocket in the harness. These toys will allow you to explore at your own pace, giving you plenty of options to try different things and find what you like. Once you’re ready to keep going, we have plenty more toys where those came from.

Best Adult Toys for Men

When it comes to finding the best adult toys, for men or for anyone, you will want to rely on a sex shop that doesn’t just satisfy the cravings you already have. You want a selection that will encourage you to try new things and discover pleasures you never even imagined. That is what we proudly offer here at Cupid’s Closet. Go ahead and browse our online catalog. We promise that you will find something so enticing you won’t be able to resist.