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Tyler Couples' Rechargeable Clitoris Stimulating Vibrating Penis Ring
Tyler is a vibrating cock ring designed for a couple with an adventurous intimate lifestyle. Tyler not only helps to prolong a man's stamina but also helps in stimulating a Woman' s clitoris with a soft vibrating contoured pad made of body-safe silicone nodules that intensify the stimulations. Tyler's powerful vibrations will satisfy both partners at the same time while focusing more on a simultaneous orgasm by adding more to the woman's external stimulation.

To a Simultaneous Orgasm
Tyler is designed to enable men to have better penetration performance. It makes you longer, harder and stronger. Tyler help women to enjoy better clitoral stimulation. Both of the female and male sexual organs can feel the super powerful vibration & 25 different sensational sexual experiences at the same time. Tyler is the best couple sex solution to have a simultaneous orgasm.

Designed For His better Performance
Tyler will enable a man to be stronger, longer and harder by prolonging his durability, enhance his penis length as well as hardness.

Designed For Her Greater Pleasure
Females usually are less easily to come. Most women experience orgasm through clitoral stimulation rather than through vaginal penetration. The soft nodule pad design of Tyler will definitely whet her sexual appetite and enhance the clitoral stimulation to a female ejaculation.

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