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The Julie plug from Svakom can offer the perfect amount of stimulation for both anal and vaginal use! The ergonomic 30 degrees curved body of the Julie rests right where you need it to for a better experience than those provided by other straight lined toys. Control from a distance of up to 30ft for discreet out and about play.

Slim Wrist Design
The streamlined design of the body of the Julie, it goes slimmer at the connection part with the bottom. This ergonomic design detail will render a feeling of sucking and intimacy. Never worry about dropping it while you're wearing it outdoor.
Elliptical Shaped 28mm-thick Body
The elliptical design of Julie has a maximum diameter of 28mm. It is designed from thick to thin in a beautiful oval arc. Julie can nest in your vagina or anus without any slight of stretching pain.
Wide Bottom Design
The 42mm wide bottom of Julie is just the right size to fit the groove outside the anus so that nobody can tell you're wearing it in public.
30 degree curved body
The ergonomic 30 degrees curved body of SVAKOM Julie for a better stimulation both for the g-spot and p-spot(Prostate spot) than other vibrators with the straight-lined body.
The remote control Design
With the remote control,Julie becomes such a pleasurable little wearable high-tech gadget. The remote distance is as far as 5 meters. Within this distance, you can create special flirting private space of your own without being noticed by others in public or private rooms.
SVAKOM Julie can be used with and without the remote control. With the remote control, this will increase the interaction between you and your partner. It is more convenient to change mode and intensity by the remote control if you are using the product yourself.
Vaginal or Anal Use
Vaginally, Julie serves as a perfect wearable gizmo only for your euphoria.
With this remote-controlled flexible bullet pluggie, you can find just the right angle to stimulate the g-spot. After the tease of Julie's caress, your sexual organs get full arousal. Multiple g-spot orgasms will come to you wave by wave. It's of the right size to fit just well in, no stretching pain, nor too small. Use it alone or with a partner anywhere you want, cinema, classroom, inside the elevator, on the train, etc.
Anally, Julie is a product that can be used for both male and female. For female, it can be used for G spot and anal stimulation. For male, this is perfect for massaging the prostate.
Prostate Orgasm, at the first 2 seconds, it is just a feeling of warmth, which is called pre-P-orgasm. The pre-P-orgasm lasts only seconds. But if you continuously stimulate the prostate when you're having a pre-p-orgasm. The warmth will bust into a long-lasting milking orgasm. Waves of pleasure will come to you constantly in that tens of minutes.
Svakom julie Powerful Anal Plug with Remote Control

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