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Sensual Massage Body Oil

This relaxing, water-based blend of lavender almond oil and jojoba will leave your skin feeling moisturized and hydrated without staining your sheets. This formula is gender-neutral, hypoallergenic, all-natural, and cruelty-free.

NEO Sensual Care combines additional enrichments for increased comfort and peace of mind. NEO Sensual’s NanoTech line of products provides long-lasting, water-based formulas that satisfy, while the Ultra collection is enhanced by 100% pure, premium water-based formulas to create unsurpassed glide and comfort. Specialty products include Male and Female Enhancers designed to boost intimacy and heighten sexual health and wellness. With its elegant and discreet packaging, whether consumers are searching for something sexy, therapeutic, or romantic, NEO Sensual can provide the ideal complement to all erotic experiences.

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