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OSG: Our Sex Game

Sale price$39.99

Our Sex Game is a sexy, expansive game for you and your partner where no part of you will be left untouched. Across the game board, SEX is sensually labeled, and these letters will lead you on your journey to sexual bliss. Pleasure intensifies as you glide from one letter to the next: from seductive to erotic to x-rated. Roll the sexy dice to discover who, what and where you'll be getting it on. Begin by writing down your most secret and exciting sexual fantasy, and remember it for later... it'll be the winner's prize!

There's so many  sexy action card combinations that this will be a different game every time you play! Savor every unique, steamy play on your way to explosive pleasure.

Included: 1 game board, 24 seduction cards, 24 erotic cards, 24 Rated-X Cards, 4 dice, 2 player pieces, game rules

OSG: Our Sex Game
OSG: Our Sex Game Sale price$39.99