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We heard things were heating up between you. Warm up to your Main Squeeze ™ even more with this proprietary warming wand created to enhance the pleasure of our popular Main Squeeze™ line of hard-case variable pressure masturbators. The Main Squeeze™ Warming Accessory conveniently plugs into any USB device or charger port to power it on, and completely heats the ULTRASKYN™ interior to 98°F (37°C) in just 8 minutes.
The Warming Accessory was created exclusively for use with Main Squeeze™ strokers, approximating body temperature to feel even more like the real thing and featuring a slim design that won’t alter the shape, texture, or tightness of your product.
• Warms ULTRASKYN Interior of Main Squeeze
• Wand Fully Heats to 98°F/37°C in 8 Minutes
• Slim Design and Safe Temperature
• USB-Powered with LED Indicator
WARMING ACCESSORY Sale price$19.99