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Have the most comfortable, most pleasurable anal play of your life with Mojo Natural Anal Relaxing Gel. This vegan-friendly gel uses clove oil – an all-natural, time-tested soothing ingredient – to relax your anal opening without numbing or desensitizing like some other gels can. So you can relax, take cues from your own body, and focus on feeling fantastic.

How does it work? Just apply two pumps from the pump bottle directly to the anal area. Gently spread the gel around. It absorbs quickly into your skin, soothing and moisturizing with organic oils and extracts until you’re fully relaxed and ready to enjoy amazing backdoor pleasure. In just 3 to 10 minutes, you’ll enjoy the maximum effects of this awesome anal gel.

Mojo Natural Anal Relaxing Gel is safe for use with all types of toys, lubes, and condoms, so grab your favorites and get started on a sensational anal adventure! Its convenient 1 oz. pump bottle contains enough for dozens of applications. Safe for use with condoms.

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