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Hot Octopuss Atom Plus

The world’s first vibrating cock ring with dual integrated motors for all-encompassing intensity

Perfect when used solo or with a partner.

Take home the ATOM PLUS cock ring, the world’s first vibrating cock ring with dual integrated motors. Its innovative design delivers deep perineum stimulation as well as intense vibrations to the top of the shaft, leading to an incredible climactic experience.

Intensity, doubled

Welcome to the next generation of cock rings. With its dual integrated motors that deliver intense perineum stimulation as well as powerful vibrations on top of the shaft, the ATOM PLUS cock ring has power built into its core. When used with a partner, its clever ergonomics and powerful rumbly motor will send you both wild.

Come closer

Not into sharing? Well you’re in luck. The ATOM PLUS is perfect for intense SOLO sessions.

The unique sensation that perineum stimulation provides during masturbation can lead to a heightened experience that results in an extremely powerful and intense orgasm.

Why not go all-out and combine ATOM PLUS with a static Guybrator™ such as PULSE SOLO, DUO or JETT? The intense vibrations spread across the penis and entire groin area like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

"Really rather revolutionary... led to hands-free simultaneous PIV orgasms, which I think adequately conveys just how astonishingly brilliant this vibrating cock ring is." - Cara Sutra


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