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Hannes Neo Interactive Throbbing Masturbator

Hannes Neo will rule both your body and psyche. Explore a world of 2D interactive entertainment and keep in touch with people across the world with this installment of the Connexion Series. Feel the distinct pulsating sensations that will send you into overdrive.

Interactive Power

Make your fantasies a reality by conjuring them. Hannes Neo provides astounding interactive features such as immersive long-distance app control and the ability to sync with online 2D content.

5 Intense Modes

When you want it, you get it how you want. Choose from 5 different throbbing modes for a personalized experience.

Heat It Up

Fill those cold nights with a passionate heat. Hannes Neo warms up to 38°C for even greater sensations to send you flying past the finish line.

Soft & Textured

There's no need to be concerned about batteries when the mood hits. The sleeve of Hannes Neo is made of ultra-soft TPE with an expertly designed textured design. Remove the sleeve for a more manual cleaning experience.

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