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A cock ring for both of you

    A vibrating cock ring that lets you sync your orgasms

      Harder, longer-lasting erections

        Flexible extensions hug the clit with dual-motor vibration

          It’s not circular because your penis isn’t, for a more comfortable fit

            Super flexible (guaranteed to fit!)

              Intuitive touch control makes it easy to change settings in the moment

                Want to sync your orgasms? Look no further than this two-motor toy designed to fit your bodies perfectly.


                On most vibrating cock rings, the vibrator sits right on top of the penis—fun for the wearer, but not really useful if you’re trying to hit the clit. We designed NŌS with both of you in mind, so the two vibrating extensions are long enough to actually reach your clit and flexible enough to move with you while you play. That means hands-free orgasms during intercourse! Read on for what makes the shape of the ring special…

                HOW DO I WEAR NŌS?

                Wear your NŌS on the shaft of the penis, where it’s easy to take on and off for more spontaneous play. Our comfy c-ring has two unique, elevated pressure points that make your erection—and your orgasm—that much harder. Keep the curvy extensions facing outward, where they can hit the labia and clit as you grind.

                You can also wear the NŌS on your hand for more direct stimulation. Diamond, schmiamond—this is one ring that makes everyone weak in the knees.


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