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Automatic Bowjob Masturbator

The ZOLO Automatic Blowjob is a sophisticated USB rechargeable masturbator that utilizes advanced suction technology to replicate the sensation of a genuine blowjob. It features two distinct suction modes, providing users with the option to select the one that best suits their preferences. The multi-ribbed sleeve boasts an array of highly gratifying textures, while the optional erotic sounds further enhance the overall experience. The adjustable suction cup base enables a hands-free encounter, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in the moment. With multiple blowjob settings available, including the option to incorporate vibration, users can enjoy a diverse range of sensations. The device offers two automatic suction modes and ten vibrating modes, ensuring a customizable experience. Additionally, the built-in erotic audio feature provides added stimulation, elevating the overall pleasure.


• Enjoy multiple blowjob settings with or without vibration for a variety of sensations
• 2 Automatic suction modes and 10 vibrating modes
• Adjustable suction cup allows for a hands-free experience
• Built in Erotic Audio for added stimulation

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