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Alex Neo 2 Thrusting Masturbator

Prepared to satiate once more, the Alex Neo 2 incorporates all the features that were adored in its predecessor and incorporates all the desired additions. Boasting commanding thrust modes, interactive functionalities, app control, and more, the Alex Neo 2 is a masturbatory device that warrants experimentation.

Interactive Capabilities

Take your preferences to the next level with Alex Neo 2's amazing interactive features. You can cede control from anywhere in the world, connect to online networks, or seamlessly sync with your chosen 2D content.

7 Thrust Modes

There are 7 different modes to select from, so keep the good vibes flowing. Choose from 7 distinct thrust modes and the strong motor of Alex Neo 2 to prepare for a stunning finish.

Easy To Handle

Hold on tight and enjoy a wonderful time enjoying Alex Neo 2. Longer sessions are perfect for the redesigned and enhanced body's smoother handling and more compact design.

Expertly Crafted

With the Alex Neo 2's detachable textured sleeve made of ultra-soft TPE material, you can take control. Clean up quickly or take control with manual stimulation.

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