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Sex Toys Online Break with the Monotony of Quarantine

September 11, 2020

sex toys online

The last few months of quarantine have probably resulted in some bedroom frustration for you. If you are single, you probably had to fulfill most of your intimacy needs on your own. If you have a partner, monotony might have settled in at some point. The best way to deal with these issues is to further explore your intimacy with exciting new tools. There are plenty of sex toys online that can break with the quarantine frustration.

Solo Toys for Women

Who knows your own body better than yourself? That’s right, no one. Sure, your partner can, after a while, get to know it thoroughly, but to get there you have to, like, bond and connect and communicate and who has the time for that? Not having someone there to please you accordingly doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t intimately enjoy yourself and hit the spot on your own. Enter, our collection of solo sex toys online for women. You will be surprised by the wonders found on our online catalog. We have plenty of different vibrators in different styles for you to make yourself feel good to your taste, and that’s not to mention our extensive dildo selection. Between rabbit-style, wands, and wearable vibrators, the possibilities for self-pleasure are literally endless.

Solo Toys for Men

Sex toys are not, nor have they ever been, exclusively for women. Beyond the usual binary of male sexuality, there are all sorts of ways in which men can make themselves feel good on their own. On one hand, you have all sorts of strokers and rings designed to make penile stimulation a lot more exciting. And if you feel like exploring yourself even further, we can’t recommend our catalog of prostate stimulators and vibrators meant to take the male orgasm to new heights. The vibrating motions of these toys inspire a myriad of intense sensations deep inside you, expanding traditional male definitions of what arousal feels like. And if these vibrators are all the more augmented with prostate massagers that rub your outer sensitive areas while the penetration goes on.

Toys For You and Your Partner

We are not just equipped to provide for solo exploration, of course. After all, the only difference between toys for solo play and toys for partner play is a partner. There is a common misconception that leads people to believe toys are meant to be used in the place of a partner, but they can actually elevate partner play to all sorts of new dynamics. You two have everything we’ve mentioned so far and lots more. Whether we are talking about simple additions to the bedroom such as lingerie and enhance lubrication or more adventurous tools such as restraints and gags, there are countless unexplored activities between you and your partner. Allow us at Cupid’s Closet to help you uncover them.

Buying Set Toys Online

When it comes to finding sex toys online, you will want to order from a website that doesn’t just satisfy the cravings you already have. You want a selection that will encourage you to try new things and discover pleasures you never even imagined. That is what we proudly offer here at Cupid’s Closet. Go ahead and browse our online catalog. We promise that you will find something so enticing you won’t be able to resist.