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July 18, 2017



In a world filled with never-ending sex products, where do you begin? Some things look curious, some fun and others are like nothing you've ever seen before. How and where do you put this toy or that oil? And considering most of us haven't gone to Sex School, (I actually attended Loveology University, oh yeah it's a real college) knowing techniques and health benefits of playtime isn't common knowledge. Also spicing up your bedroom game doesn't just flow to all of us. During a recent American sex poll, data showed that 55% of people describe their sex life as basic or traditional and about 3 in every 10 people wanted a more adventurous sex life. Luckily places like us exist just for you! We're all about the sexy fun time but we also make sure you have the knowledge to rock your partners' world in a pleasure and health safe way! So, here are the top 5 reasons to shop at a health-conscious sex store like us.

1. We aren't about shelves of porn & neon lights                                                   

 You know it, the dark little shop on that prominent street. The bright yellow, red, green, and orange lights flashing, "XXX", "Videos", "Adults Only", or "Girls Girls Girls". We've all been there or at least passed one on the street. Truth is that knowledge and our culture has shifted from sexuality being such a Taboo, it's still not as out though, but times have changed and as such so has stores around the globe. Not everyone wants walls of dildos and shelves of endless porn staring them down when they walk in. There are a lot of stores that have done away with all the eye shocking anatomical visuals. Also since porn has become so easily accessible online a lot of stores have stopped carrying it. Porn is a great tool but can also lead to overstimulation and desensitization. Fantasy is the best for mental sexual stimulation but that's for another talk. Just know that if you come to our store there are toys and products for all genders and you won't have any of the stigmas that come with going to that dark little triple "X" store.

2. We carry toys made of safe materials 

Once upon a time when sex toys first emerged, about 28,000 years ago, they were made from materials such as bone, wood, stone, silver, or sometimes gold. There is even record of the famous Julius Caesar giving Cleopatra an elaborately carved gold penis "sculpture". Whether she ever used it or not we may never know, but you can bet we do know which materials our toys are made of and which are safe for use within our bodies. As the sex toy industry grew, companies manufacturing toys became more concerned with production and sales than safety and health. But don't worry we've got you covered, not only is about 90% of our toys made of a safe material, but we will tell you how to protect yourself from the 10% that isn't as secure.

3. We love to interact & suggest proper toys 

Too many of us have gotten the silent or awkward treatment when visiting an adult store. It's an intimate topic one that most of us feel like we don't need or want advice on. But what if we asked you to put that to the side for a moment and imagine a magical place where you could go and sex talk is not only welcomed but celebrated! A place where you can ask about any interest, kink, desire or addition to enhance your sexual life. A community that supported you in wanting to step out of your comfort zone to discover the amazing benefits of intensifying your bedroom play. Well, it does exist, and all of those things can come true. All it takes is a visit to our store and some interaction with our amazing employees. Also how rad is it that we actually want to suggest a product that will benefit you or your specific needs. Not just what has the biggest price tag.

4. We are Certified Educators 

We aren't just sex-obsessed people. Well, maybe some of us are but our knowledge, background, and information comes from a much deeper desire. (No pun intended) Every one of our employees is a Certified Sexual Health and Pleasure Educator. Certified through the Center for Sexual Health and Pleasure. So we've got the know-how to suggest or recommend proper techniques, practices, items, or tips to get you from basic to total body pleasure tonight. How often have you gone to a store that provides proper education with the products? Maybe never, but here we've got your back and everything below. 

5. We are always here as a Sexual Health and Pleasure resource 

Sexual health for many of us was simply a class or two teaching us how to abstain from sex or why we shouldn't have it at all. Or we got the typical biological and anatomical instruction about our bodies. But for us, Sexual Health means so much more. The World Health Organization defines Sexual Health as,
A state of physical, mental and social well-being in relationship to sexuality. It requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences free of coercion, discrimination and violence.
We absolutely agree and we support Sexual Health in such a way that no one feels disrespected, discriminated against or negative about their sexuality. We promote living and expressing sexuality and desires because we understand the physical, mental and emotional benefits of playing between the sheets, whether single or with a partner. We will always provide you with accurate and pleasure inclusive information regardless if you are a repeat customer or one-timer. Our sexual positivity is contagious and the education we provide is unmatched. We aren't a typical sex shop and we believe you don't deserve the typical. We're here for you, always providing excellent service, top quality products, relevant information, and cutting-edge techniques. There aren't a lot of places where individuals can go to feel safe, respected, educated and positive about their sexuality. But here we're all about making the experience for you. You're always welcome and we will consistently be here as a sexual resource for you.

Come and see for yourself...

Most sexual health education is outdated and primitive. Places like us know the importance that sexuality plays in our lives. Whether you know it or not, sexuality has influenced you since you were a child, molding and shaping part of the person you are today. It's time to speak up, ask, inquire, enlighten and apply what is needed to enhance and unlock our intimate potential. Check out our unlimited online store, or stop by our welcoming shop and see for yourself how and why we are a top sexual pleasure and health spot in LA. If we never talk about it how can we make it better and who doesn't want a better, healthier, continually thrilling, sex life.

About the Author:
Nikki Toca is a Certified Sexual Health & Pleasure Coach who loves to share information, knowledge, & tips that assist in bettering human lives around the globe  She truly believe sex & its amazing energy can heal. Follow her on social media's for more or subscribe to her blog for bi-weekly articles! 😉 Be safe & have fun friends!
Twitter & Facebook @calicoachnikki

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