Online Adult Toy Store for Different Kinks

February 08, 2021

online adult toy store

A kink can be anything. It can be whipping or a foot fetish. Whatever kinks you got, you can start exploring it by shopping in an online adult toy store

online adult toy store.

Online Adult Toy Store for Vanilla, Extreme, and BDSM Kinks 

Are you just exploring this type of stuff or a seasoned fetishist? No matter what level you’re in, we can guarantee you that our online sex shop has something you want. 

Cupid’s Closet for Vanilla Kinks 

It’s a mild kink. Most couples try it in their bedroom. This is great for beginners because it’s not too extreme. You won’t get scared to start. Traditional roleplay is a vanilla kink. For instance, your partner will act as a plumber to fix your plumbing issue before you invite him for sex. Vanilla kink also involves wearing sexy outfit. It can build sexual arousal. It also helps in getting your juices flowing. You can dress up as a sexy nurse while your hubby is a doctor. 

How About Rimming? 

This is a sexual activity that involves licking your partner’s anus. Why do people love it? Simple. The bottom has different sensitive nerves. When you lick it right, your partner will feel good. Fingering is also a part of vanilla kink. Your partner will insert his fingers in your anus or vagina. To make it more pleasurable, though, you must use a lot of lubrication. Cupid’s Closet different types of lubricants can help. 

Have You Tried Sex Swing? 

If you haven’t, you must try it now. It’s a common fantasy. With this kink, your partner will have more control over you. But you will only enjoy it if you like to be submissive while your partner wants to be the dominant one. 

The Use of Sex Toys 

When you have a partner already, are sex toys okay? Sure, they are. Many couples admitted that their sex lives are better when they start using sex toys. Of course, these toys are not created equal. And your partner may not accommodate the idea of using sex toys while you’re being intimate. However, you may discuss these toys with your partner before you start using them. If your partner gives you a go signal to buy one, opt for a clitoral vibrator. It’s a great toy to use while your partner is giving you deep penetration. A sex toy is truly a great way to open different possibilities while exploring your activities in bed. But don’t be selfish. Give your man a prostate massage. Your man surely wants to get their prostate massaged so he can ejaculate better. If you’re not sure what a prostate massage is, please head over to our Prostate Toys.

Does Cupid’s Closet Have Something for BDSM? 

Yes, we do. You may explore our Bondage and Kink department to give yourself a variety of options, from handcuffs to sex sling to ball gag. We carry all of them here. Experiment with sex toys with your partner. Visit our online adult toy store to help you find some toys to give you and your partner extreme pleasure while in bed.  

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