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Honey Dust, Body Paint, and More Deliciously Sexy Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

September 06, 2020

honey dust

There’s no written set of instructions for spicing up your sex life as everyone has different pleasures. As you grow and become more comfortable, you’ll discover new toys and accessories to incorporate in the bedroom (or wherever, we don’t judge!) Currently, we’re obsessed with anything edible: Honey Dust, body paints, and gels are spicing up these already toasty, end-of-summer evenings.

Your New Best Friend(s) in Bed

Sprinkle a little Honey Dust Body Powder on you or your partners for deliciously sexy playtime! This talc-free body powder is light as a feather and will leave your skin soft, silky, and lightly scented. Is there any bigger turn-on than your partner smelling incredible? We think not! Honey Dust is safe to kiss, lick, and sprinkle on every area of the body. As if this powder couldn’t get any better, it also wicks away sweat, perfect for creating a romantic environment on those hot summer evenings. Find seven irresistible flavors on our website and see for yourself why Honey Dust is an absolute must. 

Sweet, Sexy, and Deliciously Intimate

We all know the right bottle of lube is a total game-changer. Having one that truly tastes delicious too? That’s just unheard of, until now! Most lube brands offer flavors that sound good on paper but end up having a plastic, rubbery taste. If you’re craving something sweeter tonight, Wicked Aqua Cinnamon Bun will satisfy both your sweet tooth and your partner’s pleasures. Of course, to ensure a truly delicious product, Wicked Aqua Cinnamon Bun is water-based and paraben-free with no strange after taste. 

For a different flavor each day of the week, you need the OG, Sliquid Swirl. These water-based lubes use all-natural ingredients and have no sugar added to them (no need to worry about yeast infections!) All 8 flavors are designed to enhance, not mask, other tastes. They’re perfect for those who are extra picky as they’re vegan, hypo-allergenic, and, of course, paraben-free. 

Hemp Infused Pleasure

For all of our hemp and cannabis-loving customers out there, we have the perfect bedroom “edibles” for you. High On Love Dark Chocolate Body Paint takes arts and crafts to a whole new realm. Have a sexy wine and paint night with your partner by taking turns with this tasty treat. Of course, it’s 100% safe to eat and will certainly satisfy not only your partner’s desires but their sweet tooth as well. 

After a little body painting foreplay, reach for Provocatife Hemp Oil and Pheromone Infused Massage Lotion. This lotion is infused with gender-neutral pheromones to help create an equally sexy and sensual atmosphere for you and your partner. Or, skip the massage and go right for the ON Hemp Infused Arousal Oil. Heighten your orgasms with this oil that not only arouses but increases natural lubrication as well. 

Check out our endless collection of hemp massage oils, Honey Dust, and flavored lubricants on our website. We’re always adding more goodies to the collection! 

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