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Article: Experience a True Hollywood Sex Store

Hollywood sex store

Experience a True Hollywood Sex Store

Cupid’s Closet is anything but your typical sex shop. When you come into our Hollywood sex store, it’s a whole new shopping experience where you can discover your pleasures and fantasies. We carry high-quality products in every department and our well-trained team can help you find exactly what you’re looking for and then some. Visit our Brentwood and LAX locations to find high-end sex toys, bondage and kink, exquisite lingerie, and more. 

Hollywood sex store

For Serious Bondage Business: Discover Sportsheets at Cupid’s Closet

A name that has swept the adult toy industry, Sportsheets are high quality, durable bondage accessories for those who know exactly what they want in the bedroom. The collection includes the highly sought after Under-the-Bed Restraint System to take your tie-up game to the next level. No more fussing with restraints that aren’t strong enough or come undone easily. Sportsheets are designed to last through all your sexual endeavors. 

Sportsheets are far more than just a great set of restraints. The collection includes every bondage accessory you can think of and plenty you have yet to experience. Even if you have yet to explore the kinky side of your sex life, Sportsheets makes beginner bondage toys as well to ease you into the world of BDSM and help you discover what turns you on.  

More Than Just Toys and Bondage: Cupid’s Closet Specializes in Sexual Health 

Taking the time to shop at a high-end Hollywood sex store like Cupid’s Closet is an experience in learning about all the possibilities that make partner and solo play even better. Products that help ease sensitivity aren’t often talked about but they certainly are an important part of sexual health and your well-being. It’s not uncommon to experience discomfort in any position and your body can tense up if you are worried about it as well. Using the right products from Cupid’s Closet is a step towards feeling confident and comfortable in any position. 

An important aspect of comfort during sex is having a high-quality lube. More recently, CBD lube has come onto the market as a way to relax muscles and reduce anxiety. Privy Peach CBD Lube Intimate Oil can help you have more enjoyable sexual encounters, regardless of your gender. Privy Peach CBD Lube promotes blood circulation and your body’s natural lubrication, two key factors in alleviating discomfort. Knowing that you’ve got the highest-quality premium hemp CBD to calm your body and mind will build confidence as well, leading to better sex every time you use it.

Shop at Your Comfort Level: In Store or Online 

Your preferred Hollywood sex store shopping experience can be in person or online, depending on what you’re most comfortable with. We know shopping in person at Cupid’s Closet isn’t easy if you’re shy or not sure of what you’re looking for, but we encourage you to give it a try. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and there to make you feel completely at ease. 

If you’re traveling for the holidays, visit our LAX location to pick up some goodies! 

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Womanizer Premium
adult toy shop

The Best Clitoral Stimulators at Cupid’s Closet

With the Womanizer Premium, your playtime will never be the same! Add these revolutionary new toys to your collection for your best orgasms yet. 

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 sex shop near Santa Monica
adult toy shop

Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Her

Stop into Cupid’s Closet sex shop near Santa Monica before your holiday together, or visit our LAX location if you’re headed out to see her!

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