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At Our Online Adult Store, You’ll Find More Than Just Toys

October 01, 2020

online adult store

Many people misunderstand the idea of sex toys, thinking that the only way they can further explore their pleasure is through the three of four different toys they might already be aware of. In reality, there are many more ways in which you can enjoy your time by yourself and with your partner. Our online adult store wants you to find different ways to stimulate the senses and enhance your sexual experiences. 

online adult store


You probably think of lubricant as more of a necessity during sex rather than as an active contributor to what you are doing. It’s just there because it makes things easier, right? Well, what if you could have lube be a much more exciting component of sex? Stop settling for the generic lube you get at the grocery store and explore the possibilities. There are, for example, plenty of flavored lubricants that can bring taste into the equation in a way that makes their use all the more enticing. Other lubes are designed to evoke tactile sensations you have only dreamed of, increasing sensitivity and pleasure. Whether you want intensifying lubricants or ones you can taste and enjoy, our selection has dozens of different choices for you to browse, try, and fall in love with.

Body Powder

There’s always too much focus on sight and touch during sex and not enough on the possibilities of taste and smell. If the regular smells and flavors of sex are exciting enough, think about what it would be like to enhance them? That is why we encourage people to try our collection of body powder. The Kama Sutra Honey Dust lineup has a variety of different kissable powder that leaves your skin soft and delicately scented. It comes in six enticing flavors, including raspberry kiss, strawberry dreams, sweet honeysuckle, coconut pineapple, tropical mango, and vanilla creme. Each one of them will bring its own unique tastes, scents, and effects onto the bedroom, making each experience different in its own right. 

Massage Oil

There’s nothing quite as sensual and erotic as a massage from your partner, which will only be all the more pleasurable once you incorporate one of our Kama Sutra Aromatics massage oils. These are made with essential oils that promote deep relaxation. Whoever is receiving a massage with one of these oils, be it the sweet almond one or the harmony blend one, will succumb to wonderfully deep sensations. Meanwhile, the person giving the massage will get to indulge in the smells and textures while enjoying their partner’s pleasure. You will find a set of six different massage oils on our online adult store, and each one of them will provide you with a great build-up to sex, a relaxing activity after it, or both.

Explore Our Online Adult Store

At our online adult store, we don’t just settle for providing you with a few generic toys and the occasional accessory. You want a selection that will encourage you to try new things and discover pleasures you never even imagined. That is what we proudly offer here at Cupid’s Closet. Go ahead and browse our online catalog. We promise that you will find something so enticing you won’t be able to resist.