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A Selection of the Best Adult Toys for Couples to Entice You and Your Partner

September 21, 2020

best adult toys

There’s no shame in wanting to enhance your sex life. While you and your partner probably make each other feel amazing already, there are always new things you can try together to make it an even more fulfilling experience. If you and your partner are looking for some of the best adult toys for couples, we have curated a few options for you to consider. Of course, you can always browse our full online catalog and find everything you’ve dreamed of, but we can give you some pointers on where to start.

Vibrators and Plugs

This is probably the first thing you think about when wondering about trying new things in the bedroom. While people tend to think these are toys for playing by yourself, they can actually be quite the additions for any couple’s playtime. Vibrators and plugs can bring forth a new layer of mutual pleasure regardless of gender or orientation. There are as many different types of vibrators are there are tastes, so you are both bound to find one that you enjoy. These are as exciting as they are discreet, which makes them ideal for more risky couple dynamics. Whether you want to enjoy these in the safety of the bedroom or in more risque public settings, Cupid’s Closet will have the right toy for you.


You might be used to settling for the lube that you get at the pharmacy or the grocery store, but there are actually many different ways to enhance the lubrication in your sex life. There are, for example, plenty of flavored lubricants that can bring taste into the equation in a way that makes their use all the more enticing. Other lubes are designed to evoke tactile sensations you have only dreamed of, increasing sensitivity and pleasure. Whether you want intensifying lubricants or ones you can taste and enjoy, our selection has dozens of different choices for you to browse, try, and fall in love with.

Bondage, Gags, and Restraints

Now, for those looking to really explore their kinkier side, we have a wide selection of accessories that will allow you and your partner to explore all sorts of intriguingly guilty dynamics. Cuffs, collars, leashes, and gags can bring a whole new layer of excitement and consensual aggression into the bedroom. Restraints don’t have to be relegated to being an uncomfortable taboo. People enjoy them for a reason, after all, so if that sounds like something you would enjoy don’t think about it too much. Let yourself go and explore our bondage and kink section. You never know when you might find something to make you and your partner both go crazy.

Best Adult Toys at Cupid’s Closet

When it comes to finding the best adult toys online, you will want to buy from a website that doesn’t just satisfy the cravings you already have. You want a selection that will encourage you to try new things and discover pleasures you never even imagined. That is what we proudly offer here at Cupid’s Closet. Go ahead and browse our online catalog. We promise that you will find something so enticing you won’t be able to resist.