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Alex Neo


Let Alex Neo do the work for you.

With a unique adaptable sleeve, specially designed inner texture, and 7 intense auto-thrusting modes, this impressive thrusting masturbator could stop there and be an amazing experience... but there's more!

Alex also offers multiple ways to create immersive experiences including 5 scenarios of audible sexual fantasies in 3 languages to choose from - beach, plane, the wild, classroom and office - that you can play while using the toy.

As part of the Connexion Series, Alex Neo can also connect with webcam performers and video sites like Pornhub.

Tailored for MalePleasure 

Featuring a new amazing technology, Alex Neo is a cutting-edge tech-filled male masturbator with App functions. Ergonomically designed for the male anatomy, its perfect length and texture for every size makes this tool ideal for self-discovery. 

Enjoy with whoever you want, wherever you are.
USB rechargeable - Runs for more than 1 hour on a 1-hour charge
Easy to clean with a twist and lock design

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