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Edge Women's Anal Sex Toy

  • FIND YOUR PERFECT FIT with the LOVENSE Edge  adjustable male prostate massaging vibrator; with new, adjustable arm design for more intense and accurate P-spot stimulation; large bulb above the neck to ensure muscle retention and stability during sex; dual vibrators provide powerful action
  • DOUBLE THE PLEASURE POWER with two motors placed perfectly in each flexible arm of the massager; with upgraded battery for prolonged high-level vibration, it’s quiet and discreet for use indoors or outdoors; Magnetic charging port significantly improved charging experience.
  • SMARTPHONE APP CONTROL gives you all kinds of new ways to enjoy one of the most powerful prostate massagers on the market; with new antenna location and an updated printed circuit board to improve user experience and connectivity; use it to control the vibrations hands-free or give control to your partner for an intimate moment from any distance
  • END THE LONG DISTANCE with the LOVENSE app; with a WiFi connection, your partner can control the Edge vibrator from anywhere in the world; they can create custom vibration patterns that are as slow or as fast as they want; ready to lose control?
  • HIGH-QUALITY AND SAFE materials are used to create the Edge prostate vibrator; only soft and waterproof silicone is used so it can be washed and lubed without a worry; made to be flexible and with a rechargeable battery, you get up to nearly two hours of continuous use.

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